Things I Would Say If I Had Time…

I’ve been there…and now I’m here…and here is much nicer.
Posted on August 24, 2012

If someone had told me five years ago I’d be writing a blog about weight loss, and more importantly maintaining that loss by living a healthy lifestyle, I would have told them to go back to smoking whatever they were smoking and leave me alone to enjoy my Oreos in peace. But, here I am four years later and 110 pounds lighter. Yeah, it’s great I’ve finally been able to wear those skinny jeans I’ve always wanted, but the best thing to come out of this whole experience is I have finally found my true passion in life. As an RN for the past 20 years, I’ve always known I’ve wanted to help people, but the rewards I get everyday through my one-on-one counseling/coaching of weight loss clients inspire me in ways I’ve never thought were possible. The only problem is, I get less than 15 minutes to review vital signs, discuss how closely they have followed the diet the past week , review or order labs, make recommendations or modifications to their diets and most importantly give advice and motivation! You see, I’ve been were they are, I’ve felt what they have felt, and I’ve gone through the same struggles. I have so much I want to say, but not enough time to say it in. I decided to start a blog to write down all the tips, advice, and sometimes, kicks in the butt I would give if I had the time! I may not be the world’s best writer, but I do know what it takes to be successful in a world where the obesity epidemic is out of control. So here goes, we are in this together!

14 Comments on “Things I Would Say If I Had Time…

      • I struggle with eating all the time, and I can stand to lose probably a good 50 lbs for me to be comfortable in my skin and just when I lost say 5 lbs I sabotage my self and put those same 5 lbs right back on! Hopefully something will click someday! I have so much respect for you and am so amazed by you…….

      • Donna, that was the story of my life. The good news: there is not a darn thing special about me! What I have learned is that for most people who are overweight, there is something metabolically going on. If you don’t get to the bottom of what that is, you will never get off the roller coaster permanently. Stick around, lots more for me to get into on that topic!

  1. Yay Linda! I couldn’t think of a better person I would like on my side during this “fun” time of becoming less… me… 🙂 I’m off to create a new schedule… This one for strenuous exercise. 🙂 I WILL get this weight down even if I have to become an Olympic athlete who trains the rest of my life!

    • Wait, wait,wait! Not strenuous exercise! Run your workout schedule past me first and let me see what I can tweak! Too much exercise might work against you! I’ll always be by your side. I know how bad you want this weight off, but remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

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