I’m PMS-ing…Gimme Some Friggin’ Chocolate!!

Ah, those lovely three letters that strike fear in the hearts of men everywhere…


What is it about those two weeks before her menstrual period that can make an otherwise sane and rational woman want to rip off the top of a bottle Hersey’s Syrup and squirt it directly into her mouth?

The quick answer: A lack of the brain chemical Serotonin.

The quickest way the body knows of jacking that up? CARBS! The simplest, most easily absorbed the better! Carbohydrates are the building blocks for Serotonin.

So, what are we to do?  We don’t want to ruin all our efforts in keeping our insulin levels down by giving in to these cravings but here are some ideas that can help:

First: at the very least, try to make them complex carbs with the highest amount of fiber possible. My favorite fix for this: a baked sweet potato. Mmmm…hits the spot when the PMS-Monster comes a calling.

Second: make sure you are getting enough magnesium.  Here’s a study that shows adequate magnesium intake could help mood changes occurring in women suffering from PMS. Try supplementing 500mg-1000mg starting on day 15 of your cycle until your period starts. Cut back if you experience loose bowels movements (it can be a side effect of extra magnesium).

Third: Exercise.  Yes, at the very time when you least might want to, exercise will increase all the feel-good brain chemicals and help you out of this funk until it passes. Even something gentle like yoga can help you tremendously.

Just remember: Cravings come, and cravings go…This too shall pass!

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