When Fear Rears Its Ugly Head

Fear  is an emotion that is meant to be helpful.

If we are in a jungle and come face to face with a lion, fear is what is supposed to get us up and running out of there.

But, often times fear can hold us back from things we want to do or can make us doubt if we can be truly successful at something.

Fear has, and at times still does, affect my life in this way.

When I made my last decision to lose weight, I was full of fear and anxiety. Would this be just one more diet to add to my long list of failures? Could I really go through that again? What if I can’t do it?

And, even now, after all these years of maintaining my weight loss, there is still that voice that creeps into the back of my mind that says: What if you gain it all back tomorrow? What if what people say is true and you can’t keep it off?

Thankfully, days like that are fewer and farther between now, but thoughts like that still happen occasionally.  The difference now is I know that no matter what happens in my life (and things will happen).  I won’t let anything defeat me. Sure, it may knock me down, but nothing will keep me there.

Is it because my life is perfect now?        No.     No one’s is, nor will it ever be.

I stopped putting my life on hold until  the magical “someday when______”.  There will never be a time when everything is just right.  Life isn’t that way.

I now know to ride the wave and not let it crash over me and pull me under.  I can only do the best I can at that moment.

Don’t let fear hold you back in your life.

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