The Day I Finally Let Go Of My "Fat" Clothes

I didn’t call the small area I hung my clothes in a “closet”.

I called it my Boutique.

That’s because I could have opened my own store with all the variety of size clothes I had in there.

Everything from my then size 26W jeans, to my dream “someday-I-swear-I’ll-fit-them-size-8s”.

But, I’ll never forget the day when I finally decided to get rid of all the clothes that were just too big for me anymore.

I knew it was time to let them go.

Boy, was that scary! I had to face my deepest fears.

What if this is just a temporary weight loss like the many times before and I need them!!

But, you know, that kind of thinking gave me the same psychological “out” before. I needed a clean break. No back-up, “just in case” plan.  No turning back.
I set my intention to refuse to make failure an option.

The clothes had to go.

I told myself if what I had in my closet didn’t fit, I’d go naked before I bought a bigger size! (Eek! Talk about pressure)

Basically, I had drawn a line in the sand because I knew once I pushed that line even an inch, I would have been free-falling right back to ground zero. I had done it a million times before.

So, I packed up all my bags, and even though I felt terrified that I’d regret my decision (hey! I had some nice clothes!) I drove to the local Goodwill, and never looked back.

I haven’t had to go naked yet (aren’t you all lucky?).

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