Dr Dea Roberts gives an excellent blueprint on approaching weight loss and weight management.

it's the satiety

Satiety-Focused Weight Health

A walk through …

This is not specific advice to be used without consultation with your personal doctor. This is presented for the purposes of discussion.

This is “the middle part”, which belongs within a larger context of each person’s unique health and medical situation, their resources and circumstances, and their goals, preferences and values.

For example, if you have any problems involving foods, such as digestive issues, gallbladder problems, food allergies, celiac disease, etc., these must be taken into consideration. Be aware that sometimes these only become newly apparent when eating patterns change. If you have, or suspect you may have, an eating disorder or food addiction, please seek personal knowledgable professional care.

The short version –

It’s all about:

  • finding what things may be pushing up your appetite
  • finding what things you can do to get the most satiety (fullness, sense of satisfaction of appetite) from the food you eat
  • during…

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  1. Oh Linda, thanks so much for re-blogging this piece. Sums up most of the core of what I have come to think so far in this confusing and shifting field of .. of … what may we even call it – ?? adipose tissue related health and well-being?? I know we share the same passionate interest in getting info to people that they may find useful in their quest for health and enjoyment of their lives. I imagine it must be so fulfilling for you to go to work each day at the clinc. 🙂 Keep up the good work, and see you in April in San Diego at ASBP

  2. Dr Dea, it is my sincere pleasure to share your insightful thoughts. I have the utmost respect for your work in this field and have learned so much from you. I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to do fulfilling work. Not sure I’ll be able to make the conference, as work is very busy, but I hope I will get to go and see you!

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