The First Thing You Should Do If You Are Serious About Weight Loss…

(image from To-Do List blog)

(image from To-Do List blog)



The best advice I can give may seem simple, but the most effective things usually are:

Write down a list of ALL the reasons why you want to lose this weight.

Be as honest as you can and don’t leave anything out (no one else has to see it).

I had about 30 reasons on my list- from wanting to wear clothes I actually like instead of those that just fit, to wanting to have sex with the lights on!

Then, you need to read that list every daytwice a day… however many times it takes to keep those reasons in the forefront of your mind.

Because, when you are looking at that “thing” that you want- all you can think of is eating it and all those reasons you initially had seem to go out the window.

 Until, that is, after you are done eating! Then the temporary pleasure you had is followed by guilt which leads to the entire cycle repeating.

I now have a list of all the reasons why I want to Keep It Off, and you know what? I Read that List Every Darn Day!

I can probably recite it off the top of my head, but there is something in the act of taking the time to write down and read the words.

You can do this. I was like you- up and down- then I realized that motivation comes in the “doing” and it needs to be reinforced every single day.


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