Progress, Not Perfection.

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As much as I try not to, I can be a perfectionist.

If someone had told me this about myself 10 years ago I would have laughed (one quick peek in my closets and dresser drawers, for example, would set them straight!).

Truth is, I am very much an All-or-Nothing person. Either I do something perfectly or not at all. It’s something  I recognize in myself and have worked hard to overcome. Not only was this something I dealt with in my journey to lose weight , but I can see it in other areas of my life and that includes blogging!  But I refuse to give in to old habits that say “if you can’t do it right don’t do it at all”. I’ve decided to jump back in and not wait for some perfect moment when I have more time and become a better writer (both of which probably are never gonna happen!).

So, get ready for more posts and more ramblings on my life after losing weight and keeping it off.

3 Comments on “Progress, Not Perfection.

  1. Just started to follow and as I mentioned in a note to you, I have been looking for a good positive, “keeping the weight off” blog for some time! Thanks for doing this ….

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