Before / After

7 Comments on “Before / After

  1. Linda, You are my hero!!! Thank you for helping me with my journey. 26 lbs down, 24 to go…..I feel terrific and I am so motivated, I know I can do it and it is all because of you!!!

    • ((((Judy)))) Thank you! You know how passionate I am about this, precisely because I have lived it. You & everyone who chooses to face this challenge head on, and not let it defeat them, are my true heroes and inspiration!

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  3. Hey Linda,

    I saw your story on and I wanted to say that you truly inspire the rest of us who are on a similar journey. Keep up the good work, I’ll follow your posts with great interest 🙂

    Teddy T

  4. Hi Linda, can you please share your diet secret with me. I have had a gastric bypass and a revision to the gastric bypass many years later and failed them both. I put all the weight back on. I need some inspiration and helpful ideas. I am now seeing a psychologist on a regular basis and hopefully this will also help me on my journey

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