The Photo That Started It All

We all reach our bottom, that tipping point, the moment we finally come to the realization that enough is enough.

Well, once I saw this photo of me, I knew I couldn’t go on one more second ignoring the fact that I was slowly killing myself.

I was digging my own grave… one spoonful at a time.

How had I let this get so out of control?

Well, years of avoiding: mirrors, being photographed (“No, no, let me take the picture!”), and basically going around feeling like a floating head while trying to ignore what was going on from the neck down is what got me to this place.

We all have that “Aha!” moment, and seeing this photo is what did it for me.

I knew life was too short to live just existing.

I wanted to truly live it! And I knew that meant things needed to change. Change is never easy, but boy is it worth it!  I now live a life I only used to dream about. The self-esteem I have now has permeated every facet of my life and has given me the confidence to live my life to the fullest.

It is never too late! 

What is it going to take for you to reach your tipping point? Don’t let another moment slip by…do it now. Commit to your health and well-being right now.


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